Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trikanasna sorted

The powers of the mind never fails to amaze me. If you think positively about something it somehow sorts itself out. After writing about my problems with Trikanasana on Saturday I had them fixed in Sunday afternoon's class. It was quite spooky actually but goes to show I needed some serious help with this one.

Jo was taking the class and I'd parked up front row right next to the podium. I'll just say now Jo hadn't read my blog for a while and wasn't aware of Saturday's post. Therefore it must have been very obvious I had some crazy things going on that weren't right. She came straight over and realigned my hips, opening up the bent knee and pushing down the thigh and opening the straight leg hip. Oww I could feel it. I still need to take a smaller stride and get down low to start with before windmilling the arms. But now I know how this one should feel and where the hips should be. Back at the start of the challenge I was concentrating on 'just moving the arms' not bending/moving the whole body over. I think this lead to me to neglect what was going on with the legs. So much to think about here in this master posture.

I also got some much needed help in Head to Knee with stretching (Janushirasana with Paschimottanasa). I have seriously rounded shoulders which screw up my alignment and stops my elbows going where they should. With an adjustment and some gentle persuasion my shoulders opened up and it felt like a whole new posture. This is great as the head to locked out knee, heel off the floor is there but the arms and shoulders are all over the place.

Sunday's class was good, I felt strong and could really focus once I'd forgotten about the shorts. Jo also made the announcement to the whole class during the two minute savasana that they'll be seeing more of me around the studio as I am going to training. Ekkk, I did freak out a little hearing someone else say it out loud. I'm not having any second thoughts at all, by spreading the word is setting my intention. But not in an ego boosting way of 'look at me, I'm so awesome, I'm going to training' this is so far from it. Apart from talking about it in here I haven't been telling people in person, I wait for them to bring it up first then I'm happy to talk about it. The intention is set but I'm still a little shy about it. As Shavon over at Bikram or Bust commented a few posts back, "we can be our very worst critics and it doesn't help the heart heal." So I must hold my head up high and get used to the fact everyone will know soon. I've mentioned before I've had very positive feedback from those who do know so what am I scared of?! I must keep up the positive affirmation that I need everyone's support and they are behind me on this one.

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