Friday, March 25, 2011

Big weekend ahead

I managed to take two full rest days this week, Wednesday and Thursday. The muscle above my knee is still feeling odd. There was no strength there is toe stand on the right to push myself up for the final expression on Tuesday. There isn't any pain but just a weakness. I don't feel it in any other posture apart from Awkward when I come up out the posture. I'm just glad it's not in the knee joint and it's muscular. 

I did feel nice and refreshed today for the 5:45am. I had a nice surprise that Meagan was teaching. I've only got to know her since she arrived back from TT in November and I turned into an unofficial cheer squad/supporter. I was so pleased to take part in her class today and watch her journey come full circle from fresh graduate trainee to fully fledged instructor. This will be me at the end of the year so the more I learn from these new instructors the more prepared I will be.

The class was tiny, only five of us. The temperature was spot on, I had nice juicy limbs and felt good. A bit stiff though, my hamstrings were nice and morning short for kicking out. Burning, blinding sweat in my eyes nearly floored me coming out of standing separate head to knee. I had to close one eye it hurt so much and wooow wobbles.

It was good to hear some verbatim dialogue. I'm really starting to tune in and pick out all those Biklish sayings 'put you're exactly head on the knee.' I can't wait to hear it live from the man himself!

We breezed through and even finished a few minutes early but I just can't relax and enjoy it as I knew i needed to shower and get out. The parking at the station has been crazy recently and I didn't fancy the idea of leaving my car on the street again. 

Tomorrow is the day! Craig Villani is in Perth, he was at BYJ this morning. I was so tempted to take the day off so I could go to the 9:30am but I don't want to turn into some mad instructor stalker type person. I will wait for tomorrow. Ekkk a whole day of information, postures and advice. My inner yoga geek will be in her element.

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