Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gratefully Received

I have very good reason to be grateful this week. On three separate occasions I was the recipient of three generous gifts. All were very unexpected but very much appreciated. The first was a handmade soy wax melt from my yoga buddy Lisa. Her sister, Charlene, makes fabulous homemade soaps, candles and home products. You can check out Scentual Flairs range on the blog spot here and make sure to follow them on Facebook too. Lisa had mentioned the day before how she's never been to the Lululemon shop but loved their bags. Being a pack rat of carrier bags I have kept all the bags I have from the store so thought I'd take Lisa a couple, a big one and a small limited addition super hero bag. They are designed to be reused so passing them on will fulfill their purpose. In exchange I was given the melt which has lasted about twenty hours now and still going strong. It smells so fresh and natural and doesn't leave the sticky mess like the oils do.

Gift number two was also from Scentual Flair. Charlene was promoting her products on Facebook last week and I dropped by the page to have a closer look at what else was available. I hit 'like' as I do with quite a few pages I go to and just happened to be the 100th person to do so. I had no clue there was a prize on offer until I received a message congratulating me for being the 100th person and i had won a prize. My prize is a box of gorgeous handmade soaps, a melt and an oil diffuser. I couldn't wait to get it home to try it all out. 

The presentation box was so lovely I felt bad ripping it open to get to my loot. The vanilla cream diffuser has filled my home office with delicious sweet scent. So much nicer and more environmentally friendly than air fresheners. The soaps are unbelievable. The rose vanilla is beautifully wrapped with handmade labels and the soap has real rose buds infused. I have cracked open and used the raspberry and mint soap which smells good enough to eat. I am truly grateful to have been given such a useful and generous gift. I highly recommend you all go check out Scentual Flair.

My third and final gift of the week was from one of my work clients. Ida has recently opened a franchise of the Coffee Club just down the road from my office. We've helped her out with her printing and design as well as teaming up to offer some of our clients a free coffee as a thank you for their business. As a thank you to us Ida gave myself and my three colleagues a card for unlimited free coffee at her store anytime, for an unlimited period. How nice is that?

I'm not the sort of person who only does things to get something back in exchange or befriends influential people to get ahead. I do try and do my karma yoga or selfless service when I can. When these unexpected gifts come my way it makes me feel very blessed to be surrounded by like minded, generous people.

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