Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A happy place

A favourite blog read of mine is that of Bikram Yoga Manahattan. A recent post I just read today is about home studios. It got me thinking. One of the main reason's Bikram Yoga has become a big part of my life is because of my home studio, Bikram Yoga Joondalup. Bikram yoga is very new to Western Australia. The first studio, Bikram Yoga Perth, opened just over a year ago in North Perth. Then BYJ and Bikram Yoga Scarborough Beach opened in May 2010. Then later last year BYP opened a second studio in Myaree, South Perth. Bikram Yoga is literally on fire here!

I chose BYJ as it is the closest studio to where I live. In saying that it is still a 25 minute drive but it's only a five minutes from the station I take the train to work from. Perfectly organised. I'm a stickler for good customer service and manners. Maybe it's my British up bringing shining through. I can easily be put off a place if these two things are lacking. But they are fully in place at BYJ. Happy smiling faces greet you at reception. At my first class I received a full briefing of what to expect in the next 90 minutes. Being a brand new studio everything is shiny and modern. There is a team of staff and Angels that keep the place spotlessly clean and organised.

Staff and instructors are approachable and friendly. If you have any concerns or questions these are answered with knowledge and professionalism. You may need to get in line though, as they are so friendly everyone likes to have a chat after/before class. 

The studio is a good size, not too big, not too small. I think the fullest class I've been in was about 45 people and that was a tight squeeze. The carpet is antimicrobial and antifungal making it hygienic and soft under foot. It is vacuumed daily with a huge industrial cleaner thing. I can say it has never smelt either. This might be down to the good air circulation as well but even going in to the room after a class has finished it doesn't smell sweaty. Unlike the cycle room at the Arena which is vile after back to back classes. 

This next paragraph I've pasted from the BYJ website as it explains the environmentally friendly hot water system. "Hot water for the studio is produced by heat pump systems which absorbs energy from a renewable and free energy source – The Sun. The systems use significantly less energy, (approximately 75% less then traditional electric hot water heaters), therefore dramatically reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses produced." There one thing we are not short of here in WA it's sun. 

The change room are clean and actually nicer than my home bathroom. Lots of bench space and hanging hooks. A full length mirror, hair drier (not that I ever have time to use this), lots of power points and lovely smelling body wash. 

Towels and mats are available for hire. There are mat cleaning products to wipe down your own mat after class. A wide variety of hydration products are for sale as well as yoga wear, mats, books, towels, bottles, candles and audio cd's.

The reception and chill out area is airy and spacious. Lot's of room to relax before and after class. Quite often students are so busy socializing the instructors have to round them up as the class is about to start. Last week a gong was introduced to gong five minutes before hand. 

It's a fabulous studio and a great credit to Jo who moved all the way from her home in Melbourne to set it up and run. All the students and staff are so nice we have such an awesome community going on, it's the main reason I keep going back day after day. It's a nice, happy place to be and practice.

Here's some photos from the BYJ facebook page. These are from when it first opened so now there are loads of posters, pictures, notices and photos adorning the walls and the retail sections has grown!!

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  1. gorgeous studio! LOVE the modern bathroom. fancy!