Sunday, May 29, 2011


You hear it all the time in the Bikram world but it's so important....HYDRATION! If I have any horrific experiences in the hot room I can always trace the reason back to bad hydration. Water is life, we need full stop but when your sweating out a small reservoir during the class it becomes ever more important. 

Being a Type A personality or on the verge (?!!) of a compulsive obsessive I need to be prepared. At Teacher Training it will be one of the hardest things to stay hydrated for two full on classes a day. I'm pretty good with my supplements, I've written posts on it before. For my preparation for training I have stocked up on my favourite, tried and trusted hydration methods. Mainly Essential Electrolyte capsules and Nuun's water soluble tablets. 

I know full well I can get all these in California as that's where I order them from in the first place. Backwards logic I know, why have I got all this shipped from the States to lug it back there in my suitcase, all 1.6kg of it. Because I need piece of mind that I have at least a few weeks supply with me. I don't want the worry or the stress of a package not turning up, going missing, getting stolen, lost in the vast mail room of the hotel. So here is my stash, it should last approximately all of training for the electrolytes and yogabody stretch and half for the Nunns. I'm sure I'll get too generous if I see dying bodies and end up giving/selling some of it but least I have enough. 

Hydration supply for nine weeks.


  1. wow! thats awesome! seeing this post makes me think about asking my chiropractor about supplements during training. im not much of a suppliment person but i might make an exception for teacher training for sure. this looks awesome!

    it is such a connundrum to me being a devout bikram practitioner and a poor hydrator. for me a "bad" class can be traced to one of 2 things...hydration and/or diet. and they usually go hand in hand. if i eat crappy then i hydrate crappy.

  2. I know what you mean, bad class is always down to bad preparation, food and water for me.

    Yeah get some supplements for training, we'll need every bit if help we can get in that area. I do go a bit OTT but when I forget to take them I can feel the difference.