Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yogi's can party

Last week we celebrated the joint 1st birthdays of my home studio Bikram Yoga Joondalup and Bikram Yoga Scarborough Beach. Both studios ran a four class in one day challenge to celebrate and after all that sweating we needed to let our hair down and party! The location was awesome right by the sea in Scarborough at the Ocean One Bar. Funky, surfy setting, wood fired pizza and even a birthday cheesecake baked especially by BYJ student Bridget.

A few of my UK non yogi friends have been worried I've joined a hippy trippy, tree hugging cult since I've started Bikram. One in particular sent me a text this morning saying, "hey crazy yoga woman, found your  blog today your nerd I love you! Hope I'm gonna be able to lead you astray for a least one day while you are here - won't tell anyone!" Worry not H, you can lead me astray, I've cleaned up my act, quit binge drinking but still like to have a good party. I'm a cheap date now, two wines and I'm away!

Last weekend was proof of this. It was an awesome night out to mingle with fellow students, instructors and actually see people with their clothes on. So many double takes all night. Us yogi's clean up good. Was great to meet people's other halves too - aka Yoga Widows. We partied good and hard. I luckily wasn't sick as we were staying at Janette's place, such bad etiquette to soil someone else's porcelain! I did have a stonking head ache and needed a few strong coffee's to shake off the cobwebs. After doing a morning double I was a little dehydrated and swimming in a vat of wine that night just added to it! 

Had to be done and we should do it more often. Everyone had a great time and confirmed what a great yoga community we have here in Perth.

Kat Women, Robin & Bat Women - aka me, Janette & Jo

Studio Directors cutting the cake!

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  1. mmmm....cheesecake. its really hard for me to tell people at work, or non bikram people really, about going to TT. they look at you like you have grown a third head right in front of them.