Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yogabody Stretch supplement

I'm a bit of a supplement nut. Anything that will make my life easier or healthier in one small capsule will suck me in. I used to take a whole heap of vitamin and mineral's until I saw a naturopath who advised me all the supermarket stuff I was taking was rubbish. So I quit those and started taking Ultra Musceleze, a high grade magnesium powder which has worked wonders on my tired yoga muscles. The only other things I take now is Turmeric and electrolyte capsules when I practice.

Until now!! Both my studio Director and Manager suggested I try Yogabody Stretch capsules. 100% natural and has been shown to optimize flexibility and reduce recovery time and inflammation. I've only been taking them three weeks but I've noticed a difference in my practice. Especially floor bow in which I usually cramp up. I'm think anything that will ease the pain of the full on intensiveness of TT is worth a try. I took nine caps yesterday and even though I have nothing to compare it to I'm attributing Yogabody for making it slightly easier.



  1. Very interesting!! I take a stretch class for contortion and I'm looking for a supplement for post stretch. Please let me know if you still feel good about this product! Email me Thank you!!

    1. Hi Stephanie, yes I would still recommend this supplement for after a stretch class. Thanks for reading!