Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's in the mail!

This week has been exciting and busy all rolled into one. So much has happened I will spread it out over a few, hopefully short, posts.

The biggest event is my Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Fall 2011 application package is in the post! Express post to be precise. I splashed an extra $20 to get it there in 3-7 days. EKKKK! After checking, rechecking, putting it in and out the envelope a few times I ripped of the seal and stuck it down. 

My online status check is 'application under process.' I received the email confirmation for the online application and as yet no money has been drained from my account. Wow the day that happens will be exciting and scary. 

This is all so real now, all I do is wait.....


  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to following your journey. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Mark, just waiting on my confirmation now. Check out my roomies blog too - Bikram or Bust!