Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rookie Week

This week there has been an influx of newbies to class. I'm sure we get new people all the time in the later classes but for the 5:45am's this is quite rare. I think it's very brave to get up so early to come try something new. Especially a Bikram class. Some people who haven't done their research might be a little blind sided as what they are letting themselves in for, this is not a gentle stretch to wake you up followed by a 45 minute relaxation. Well it is for me!!!

One thing about the mornings it's quiet and the humidity isn't too shocking so in some ways it is a good time to come. It's not mat melting hot and the instructor can pay attention to you. But on the down side us 5:45ers like to do our practice, efficiently and on time as we need to be out to get to work. If the instructor is forced to pay a lot of extra attention we run over. Selfish this might seem but that's the truth. That's why I practice at this time, it's no s**t and out the door.

Anyway the other thing I observed about this weeks newcomers was they were really young. Under 21 ish. Sometimes this means trouble. Purely as young girls travel in pairs and use each other as crutches. Of course in the totally spacious near empty room they mat down on top of each other and whisper and giggle until the instructor came in. I could have been the yoga police but at that time I couldn't be bothered so let it go. It wasn't really distracting me anyways, I was too bust running dialogue in my head. 

I won't go into too much detail but the newbies this week were hard work, for everyone, even the instructors were challenged. Yes it's hard, it's hot but when you told to just lie down and don't move till the end of the class, just do it. One pair did come back the next day which was awesome. I'd seen them struggle the first day and was so proud they came back. Except the second class was high drama to the point the rest of us were missing out as the instructor had all her attention on trying to keep them still, in the room, not to talking and not being a distraction. They even got up and left before the final savasana which is such bad manners. But at this point I think it was best they just went.

All down to etiquette. There are posters in prime positions and on the web site so people can learn what is good manners. But it's common sense. If you decide to give up & not do anymore it's rude to start chatting and faffing around whilst others are trying to practice. I didn't let them steal me peace, I still had a good practice but I know it did bother other people so that's why I'm writing this.

I would just like to express that your own actions can have a negative effect on others and to be aware of this. Be still, breath, melt onto your mat even if this seems like the most impossible, insane thing to works!

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  1. newbies def add soemthing different to a practice. there are even some veterans that challenge my practice sometimes.

    i love having newbies, as hard as it is, cause it really challenges me to let go and focus on myself.