Sunday, May 1, 2011


Last week has been full of green lights and positive signs on my path to Teaching Training Fall 2011. My star signs this week have all pointed in the direction of new challenges and change which I apparently will be embracing. I have my medical booked for Wednesday so my doctor can sign me off as fit & healthy enough to complete the nine weeks of grueling physical hell. Well I'm hoping I'll get signed off, I don't think I have any medical conditions that would stop me?!! I spoke to my bank about a financial plan and hopefully I will have the all go by the end of next week. Shelley at HQ confirmed they are excepting applications for Fall now. I'd hate to send my payment & it get lost.

Finally I had a great meeting with my studio director. We talked about the reality of teaching and which classes to expect to get after I've completed a few mock one's. I like the idea of having a few practice goes before being let lose on the public. Being a super organised Type A personality I'd already highlighted on a schedule which classes would work best for me for practice and teaching. This fitted in perfectly with the classes newbie teachers get, i.e the 5:45am's and 7:30pm's. 

We also spoke about dialogue clinics. We will do a posture a week and not move on till I have delivered each posture correctly. We are aiming to get at least the floor series down before I leave. This will probably be starting in the next week or two as soon as my application is in the post. This is so awesome that I will get such great support and mentoring. I've had some fellow students offer to be 'bodies' for me to practice on. My plan the whole time has been to be prepared as much as possible, I have four and a half months ahead of me, enough time I think.

I still plan to keep my day job for at least the first year. I enjoy my job and will find a balance between that, teaching, practicing and my home life. I am nervous about breaking the news to my boss but he's a very good man and I'm hoping he'll let me take a leave of absence for nine weeks. The Mrs over at On Common Ground posted some invaluable advice this week on how she tackled this issue. I may well print this out and just hand it over when my time comes!!

Another surprise I received this week my friend and studio manager Janette told me she would join me in a 60 day challenge I am going to do before I go. I had been advised to do this challenge so I can be prepared physically and get in the zone. Not only will Janette be joining me, Jo is planning on running a whole studio 60 Day Challenge to help support me on my journey. How nice is that?! Usually people take 60's by themselves any time of the year. It will be awesome to do it together. We will start on June 27th which I discovered yesterday is exactly one year since I took my first every Bikram class. Spooky! It will end two and a half weeks before I depart for TT. I take five classes a week anyway so six a week will hopefully be a breeze.

In three months since I decided I was going to do this everything has been falling into place. I've probably mentioned this before but I believe in signs, everything so far has been positive and pointing to yes. The adventure is under way and I'm so excited for it!!

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