Friday, May 20, 2011

Fund raising!

This teacher training adventure, life changing experience comes at a price. A high price! Being on the totally opposite side of the world to LA I am looking at at least another $3-4k on top of the training fee's for flights and insurance. Then probably another few grand for food/spending money. It'll be tight. I will need my blinkers on near shops. I have to remember I am there to do yoga and expand my mind not my wardrobe!!

I've been living pretty modestly for the past six months or so, trying hard to assess what I actually need rather than just want. I've lived on tiny student/backpacker budgets, I can rein myself in. I've reached my desired quota of yoga outfits for training, I do not need anymore. Still I need some extra funds. I'd like enough not to be penny pinching and at least enjoy a meal out on weekends. (& some well needed massages)

A few weeks ago I tried flogging my unwanted stuff at a local Swap Meet. It was a new meet and wasn't very popular. I made $20. $5 of that was from the stall holder next to me who felt sorry for me as I'd not sold anything & bought some books. I'll try again soon at a larger, more established meet further away.

With a bit of thinking I realised I need to use my skills & resources. I make homemade cards for my friends & family. I used to hand craft them but there is no time for that now so I whip them up in InDesign & print them on the digital printer at work. Costs me nothing. Hence my fund raising idea has been to make and sell blank greetings cards. My studio director kindly agreed to me having a display in reception. 

I have had to invest in this venture. I've bought envelopes, clear display bags and a wrack. So far I've managed to get away with using off cuts of card from work. In the future I will have to buy a pack of card so I'm not taking the p*ss too much. Sadly our electric guillotine has gone and I have to hand cut the cards with my trusty knife & ruler. We have an awesome professional scoring device which makes the perfect fold in the middle of the cards without cracking the print. I'm not counting my time in this, it's just something I have to do. 

Here they are, I have five designs so far as a test run to see what sells. I introduced the yellow card as the pink was so popular. They went on display on Wednesday morning and all the yoga themed one's sold out. I got a phone call requesting more pink standing bows and when I came to practice on Thursday there were four out of the original 24 on display left. Woo hoo. I'm onto something.

If anyone is interested I'll be bringing a bunch to training (small & lightweight) or email me/comment and I can sort you out. $3 per card or 4 cards for $10. I except paypal and International/local postage is extra depending on quantity. Or check out my display at Bikram Yoga Joondalup!

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  1. those are awesome!!!! i think i will have to purchase some. the standing bow is a nice one. i like the yellow. wow i cant pick. what about a sampler pack? can i get one of those?