Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm trying my best to make sure I am fully prepared for this whole TT experience. It will be bonkers crazy once I get there and anything I can do to ease the stress I am striving to do. 

The more economical option for training is to share a room, it cost half the price. If you don't request a room mate it is up to the universe who you get roomed with. There are many stories flying around about nightmare roomies from hell but also roomies from heaven. Part of this experience is meeting and bonding with people from all around the world with this shared love of sweaty yoga. 

I was very honoured last week to be asked by Shavon from Bikram or Bust to room up. We've been chatting via our blogs for a few months now and connected on FB. S is over State side and willing to help a wide eyed newbie like myself find food and laundry facilities! I've been to the West coast a few years back for a whirlwind two week backpacker tour which will be very to different to actually living there for nine weeks. Any help and pointers I can get will be greatly received. We're the same age group, have long term partners and love dogs. What more could you ask for!!! Obviously we're both passionate about Bikram which brought us together in the first place.

I'm so very excited to get to know my roomie over the next few months. Join forces on communal items for our room. Support and advise each other on dialogue learning, packing and leaving home for nine week! We are also members of a strong FB group of future trainees for Fall 2010 so hopefully we'll know soooo many people when we arrive it'll be like a home from home.

On our FB this week S reminded me not to forget my Vegemite. So here it is again, my BIG jar of yeasty, salty black stuff with it's best friend my organic nut spread that shall also be coming along till I find an American counterpart!


  1. oh man, that nut spread and vegemite prolly go really really good together on a warm piece of toast. yum!

    im so super duper excited about training AND feel very excited about my roomie situation! this is gonna be sooooo awesome!!!!

  2. Oh they do, they do, totally delicious. Oww we should get a toaster, when in doubt eat toast I say!