Monday, May 16, 2011

After effects of 4 classes

I thought it wise to take two whole days off after completing four classes in one day challenge last weekend. The 5:45am Tuesday class was really small, about nine people which made it not humid at all. I was really surprised how good I felt. Mainly I was bendier and lighter. There were a few token sore spots, the insides of my feet where my big toes touch was tender from being pushed together for six hours, my elbows for some reason have never bothered me but they were that day and my thighs flaked it in the second set of floor bow. 

Overall I felt great, the opposite to how I expected to feel. This feeling is how I expected to feel after the February challenge but it didn't come for ages after. This was instant. My practice has been revived out of a possible rut I'd not realised I'd fallen into. 

Another achievement was I went eight whole days without any chocolate. This is huge for me as I've been binging far too much on it recently. Quitting cold turkey wasn't that bad. I have no idea if this helped me in the challenge. I did feel better in myself as I know all that processed sugar crap is really not doing me any good.

I had an easy week with my practice. I went on Thursday but took Friday off. I've not done this in a long time. Still I chalked up six classes last week. Having some rest days isn't a bad thing.

Saturday 14th May marked Bikram Yoga Scarborough Beach's First Birthday. They were running their four class challenge that day. I decided it would be a nice idea to go along and support the team down there. No way was I going to do the four again but I was prepared to do a back to a back to back double. I made sure I didn't slug a load of water between the two classes this time. Just a few sips of electrolytes. The second class was like the previous weekend. I felt a lot more limber but my strength & balance had gone on holiday. Shame it would have been nice to take advantage of being warmed up to push a bit harder. A change of scenery did me good as well. Being surrounded by different students, in a different studio is a great way to mix things up. 

Class #4, I can still hold my arms over my head! (red top back row)

Oh camel #8 of the day, major head spin

Team still going strong!

World's best Savasana!

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  1. oh man! that looks awesome. its interesting how we think we will feel one way, like about doing doubles, but its really the opposite. i like doubles. but TT doubles are way freaking me out!

    i have like the worlds worst sugar addiction. well, its not that bad, but i do have like 1 sweet thing a day even if its a little sweet thing. i have to say that is one thing i want to change about my diet before TT. i was thinking of doing like 1 day a week without sweets and then go to every other day. this gives me a bit of inspiration to try it.