Sunday, May 8, 2011

4 Class Challenge

To carry on the Bikram Birthday both studios have decided to run a mini challenge. Four class in one day. Two back to back doubles. BYJ held there's yesterday. I was up for it, crazy challenge taker I am. I thought it would be a good warm up for TT. Even though we only take two classes a day which was spread out, one in the morning at 8:30am then 5:30pm in the afternoon. I decided that the fatigue and hydration element would equal that of training.

A lot of people who had signed up actually had no clue as to why they were doing it. If I wasn't going to training I'd probably be the same. Overall I think it is a test of mental strength. It is possible to do it or else the studio directors wouldn't have suggested it. By taking four classes it will prove you have the strength, physical and mental to do it.

I woke up naturally at 5:30am (??!!! I know) so I had time for some cold chicken, a tiny piece of wholegrain bread with almond spread, 500ml of salty water and a few mouth fulls of Powerade. I don't usually touch the stuff but today I thought I may need a little extra and a sugar rush.

Off we went at 7:30am on a Saturday morning. I was a mix of excitement and nerves. I've not been sleeping to great the past few weeks, work has been dull so I was feeling flat and worn out. This challenge might be the pick me up I needed. Stu the director of BYSB taught the first class. I've never taken his class so this was exciting. It was awesome. I matted down next to Janette on the front row. I had a shiny new Lulu outfit (the pranayama bra and tiny matching shorts) which looked cute but the top was soooo low it distracted my practice and I felt I didn't have any security for the girls. The group energy was awesome. Not one person out of the 35 sat out of a posture.

First class went well. Quick shower, electrolytes and outfit/towel change. I moved my mat to a different spot and not on the front row. I've never done a back to back before so this was a whole new ball game for me. My arms in pranayama felt like they weren't attached to my body. Half way through the first set of Half Moon I was like "what am I doing!" My shoulders and arms were burning, I could barely lock my legs to keep me upright. Instructor Juliette was infront of me which helped a lot, her smooth, controlled practice kept me grounded. Chris from Melbourne was teaching, again I've never take his class so that helped me stay focused as I wasn't used to his teaching style. 

I made in through, I can't recall much from that class apart from I was super bending but lacked strength. Standing Bow I went deeper than ever but I had no strength to hold it. I did come out early from some floor series postures as well. No strength...physical or mental?

We had a a quick lunch break of three hours, but more like two after showering etc. Janette very kindly invited me to her place for a yum omelet protein fix. We were feeling flat. Dried cranberries and almonds were a good pick me up as well as electrolytes and water, water, water. 

Back to the studio for the 2pm. Some people who did two mornings didn't come back for the afternoon. New people joined us for the afternoon back to backs. There were ten of us in the end who finished all four. 

Class three with Lisa, I ended up sliding back to the third row near an air vent. The room didn't feel as humid and I didn't sweat as much. Maybe there wasn't anything left to sweat out. I pushed through again. I tried every single posture but again finished early on some of the floor or some like Full Locust I hung out and didn't push at all. 

The final class was lead by Jo. Lisa and Chris took this one which was awesome. Stu also took the second class so every single instructor that taught through out the day took a class (Jo took the morning double). Instructor Meagan took the morning double too so we were all surrounded by support.

I hid in the back row. The room was busy and I was totally blocked off from the mirror which added to the challenge. I was tired. Yawning through out. The heat wasn't ever a problem at any point. It was more the fatigue that was getting to me. I was zoning out and not listening. I put my arms out to the side in Standing Separate Head to knee set up, opps! I didn't drink as much before class four as I may have over done it before class two. I was sweating a lot more though. I didn't put in 100%, I backed off and took it easy. Just concentrating on alignment and safely getting in and out of postures. I had been joking by this point I'd be doing a 90 minute savasana but really I couldn't be in the room and not try. 

We did it! Four classes in one day. It was tough. I had doubts at first but no regrets now. I slept like the dead last night. I was drinking everything in sight. Ice cold fizzy Sprite was pure bliss. Maybe not the best for re hydrating but I wanted it so bad. Today I feel great. Sore yes, muscles are aching but I feel awake and refreshed. I'm eating and drinking everything in sight. It was the pick me up I needed. We are all banned from practicing today, I wouldn't want to anyway. We need to rest and hydrate. I may even take tomorrow off. It's been a very long time since I took two days off between practice. I'll see what happens....


  1. wow! thats some experience for sure! i like doubles but i have only done them split up, like they do at training. one of these days i will try the back to back. but i dont think i will ever do a four classes in a day. well, unless someone challenges me to it. then i might.

    awesome job. thats so cool you guys did that!

  2. Congratulations!! I have rarely tried a double... cannot conceive of doing a QUADRUPLE!! Way to go!!

  3. Thank you!! Back to back was a different experience but doing two lots was like nothing I've ever done before. I feel great two days later and hardly sore now. Only to be done as a challenge, don't think it's a just for fun thing!!!

  4. Cool - you've done it once and now you NEVER have to do it again! Check it off the list.