Wednesday, May 4, 2011

High pressure

The one day I need my blood pressure to be normal it decides to run a little high. I had my medical check today so that my doctor could sign the waiver for BYTT to say I'm fit and healthy enough to partake. 

She was a little shocked at the actual form when I presented it. It looks well dodgy with a huge b/w picture of a young Bikram in spinal twist. She was also a little alarmed that this training involved me being in a room of 300+ people at 42 degrees, twice a day. The surgery is in Midland which is a fare way from the Bikram Community of Perth so she didn't know anything about it.

I think this is the reason I started to panic and the pressure went up. I started thinking that I may not get the form signed, then what? The doctor might think it was totally insane to want to do this or medically dangerous!! Anyway as she has known me a few years now and takes my blood pressure at least once a year she put it down to nerves and excitement. Also telling me I should have practiced some yogic breathing in the waiting room to relax! Phew, formed signed and paid for just waiting on the bank now to release the much needed funding.

One step closer to the application being posted. I've even decided to splash out and send it express super speedy registered international mail so it gets there in three working days.


  1. YES!!!!!!! my application is soon coming in the mail as well!!!!! go us!!!!!

  2. YAY go us!!!! Got my recommendation letter today, application nearly complete now...AHHHH!!!