Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Full steam ahead

Things are really coming together now for me. I am certain I have made the right decision about this whole teacher training adventure. It's still scary and nerve wracking, there are doubts about whether I'll be strong enough or get sick/injured. But you know I need to drop them, no expectations = no disappointments.

I've been cracking on with my dialogue study. The Man has had his doubts about me being totally insane confirmed. As he sat out on the back verandah on Sunday, he heard strange speeches coming from the bathroom. I was indeed in the shower talking out loud to myself....practicing dialogue!!

I've been at it just over two weeks now and I'm up to Awkward part two. 15 weeks to go I might have nearly all of it in there or at least the standing series. For the past two Saturdays I've had some practice in the actual yoga room, standing up on the podium giving it my all whilst my friend scribbled notes on my book as to where I was going wrong. This was a great help and I could see the mistakes I was making which were the same each time. Mainly dropping or adding a word or mixing up similar sentences. My voice sounded so loud in the room, hopefully I wasn't actually yelling. It felt good to be up there, it seemed right. Hmmm get back to me when there's a room full of eager faces/bodies in front of me!!!

My study method so far has been repetition. Saying each line three times till it's in there, then adding the other lines as I go. I'm a visual person so I've been trying to get an image in my head how the page of words look to help prompt me if it's a short or long paragraph. This sounds weird, it's hard to describe. I'm throwing in a few anagrams too. I'm feeling comfortable (easy, flexible!!!) with the whole of Half Moon to hand to feet. I'm loving Back bending but I really like this to practice. I'm getting at least an hour in every day on my train ride to work and in the car talking out loud!

Two days till I fly back to the home land of the UK. I'm ready for a break now, I'm feeling flat and winter bluesy. I've only taken one and half days leave since Christmas excluding Easter so I'm ready for a rest. (& a dishwasher, home cooked food, pub/restaurants in walking distance, whole bed to oneself!) I'll be back refreshed and ready to amp up my pre-training training and start my 60 Challenge!!!

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