Sunday, June 10, 2012

Venus Effects

I touched briefly on the Venus Transit that happened last week. I honestly don't know a lot about it in depth. I watched a great webinar by Elizabeth Peru who explained how it effects us on a personal energy level. It's funny not knowing a lot, going about your daily shiz, then reading about the Venus thing and having an 'yes that's me moment.' I know, I know, nearly everything we read about can be related somehow back to our lives. I am starting to believe a lot more about the 'universal energy' and how the planets effect us. 

Being more authentic to our souls is something I am drawn to from the Venus Transit. I've mentioned before my appetite and food choices have changed dramatically of late. Even today I could only manage three pieces of my six pack of sushi at lunch. Good job my fellow instructor friend was having the opposite problem and couldn't get enough food in. My friend's reassured me that I just don't need as much food as I used to think I did. I now know when I'm satisfied. 

Another thing that has changed is my clothing choice. I do try and dress for the occasion, look nice & turned out. However, now more than ever comfort reins over fashion. With time being short & getting ready for work at the studio it's easier to shove on something easy. My heels are tucked away in the back of my wardrobe. 

After being so frugal last year, making do with the winter clothes from the previous year I have now decided to over haul my 'work wardrobe.' It's time to clear out and make room. I certainly did just that. Charity bagged everything I'd not worn for a year or two or had been eaten by the 'fabric softener' incident. I bought coat hangers and new garment bags to keep everything nice and dust free. There is something very satisfying about having a clear out isn't there?

A good friend of mine has started working at a very high end high street clothes shop. I had never set foot in this shop until she started working there. The first time I called by I looked over all the racks very impressed by the style and choice. The quality was great, well made, thick fabric, nice a tailoring & made in Australia. Until I read the price tag. Way, way more than I ever spend on a single item of clothing. Okay, I do invest in decent stuff for day to day and yoga but we are talking $200 + for office pants and even more for a dress. The t shirts were $80. Not my territory. 

Three months on since my first visit I now own two dresses and two t shirts from there. Only because they have the most amazing sales! 50% off brings it down to the upper most I'd pay for clothes at full price. Of course me being the great justifying person I am, I convinced myself that these dresses are for the office and the evening. Summer and winter wear when layered up and down. I will wear them at least once a week!

The style of the dresses is very me but not me of late. I've returned to my old favourite style of sleek pencil skirts. They are similar in style I know but I've been known to buy the same garment in all the colours. The neckline is very Victoria Beckham and extremely flattering. One dress might not last very long season wise as it has a peplum detail (as rocked by the Duchess of Cambridge last weekend) but who cares, I'll probably keep wearing it in years to come anyway! 

I'm very happy with my new purchases, it'll be nice to get out of the baggy tunic tops & sloppy jumpers I've been hiding behind for a while. Hiding yes, time for 'me' to get back out there. I even had my hair tidied up and the fringe I was test driving cut back in. I feel more polished again and less slap dash thrown together with crap apres yoga hair. I'm feeling less 'can't be bothered' about lots of things.

Bringing this back to Venus, it's no surprise I've been drawn to feminine, classic styles is it? After all women are from Venus right....

Dress #1
Tidy wardrobe, everything in garment bags

Dress #2

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