Friday, June 1, 2012


I've been slack with my postings of late. Again I am hitting the ground running. Since I got back from Bali it has been full steam ahead. In order to stay in optimum shape and gain as much energy as I can I've been really good at clean eating. Low sugar is going really well. I don't even think about chocolate now. I'm still trying hard with the Paleo diet, especially in the mornings. Evening meals are another story where I am wolfing down pasta and rice as it's quick & easy or it has been already made for me on my late return home.

I've always laughed at those people (Angelina Jolie) who say they are too busy to eat or 'don't feel hungry.' How!! What!! Why!! Are you mad?!! I am a permanently hungry person, I love food. I used to be kinda of obsessed with it to the point I'd be eating breakfast & planning what I was going to eat for lunch or morning tea. I took this as me, normal. However, since I've stopped pumping my body with estrogen & progestin, three months on I actually have a handle on my appetite. I know what full is again (yes I used to eat to the point of physical sickness as I had no idea what full was, gluteny at its best?) 

Overall I feel much better my body is back to it's normal state without any artificial influences. It's been well over 12 years since this last happened. When I feel hungry I eat. If I don't, then I don't. Some days a few pieces of grilled haloumi & a handful of cashews keeps me full for hours. Crazy I know. On hectic Saturdays when I'm running about, teaching or practicing I can go for hours now on just a protein fix breakfast. My gawd I have turned into one of those Angie types, too busy to notice I haven't eaten - mainly because I am not hungry. If I was I would eat!

After practicing the 5:45am the other morning I prepared this breakfast at work. Smoked salmon, a slightly over ripe avo, slightly over grilled haloumi & 8 cashews that weren't pictured. Seems like an odd combo but it worked really well. Total fullness for hours! 



  1. As Boss keeps saying...."The best food is NO food!

  2. Ah ha yes, fresh air & yoga alone. Look out for his late night cheesecake delivery during movies, which he never finished but I so could have!! :-)