Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chakra Balancing

It's been a crazy few weeks. May was a bonkers month. Twists, turns, ups and downs. This is obvious as my writing here has been very neglected. I've been wanting to write, I have lists & lists of potential posts ready but just haven't had chance, time or energy to get them posted. 

Funnily enough I'd booked myself in early for a Chakra balancing treatment at Bodhi J. I was feeling frazzled. Emotionally I'd been on a roller coaster. Self inflicted I know! I was so ready for this treatment. No surprise which of my energy points were out; root, sacral & throat. First two are definitely down to my hormones getting back to their natural state after years of being pumped with false ones. Throat, well, I've not been speaking up for myself, sugar coating and even yes small white lies have been told to cover up my real feelings or thoughts. My aura was still glowing with genuine intention, my heart is in the right place. 

I certainly felt more centered after wards but totally knackered. All I could do was get myself home and collapse! I think this must be usual, after all suddenly having your personal energy tapped into, moved and adjusted it is going to be draining. 

A couple of weeks on I'm feeling good. Things feel more settled. It may be because of the Venus Transit that came through this week. All the recent craziness has come to a head and dispersed. Truths are out, problems have been recognised but solutions still need to be put in place. 

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