Sunday, June 10, 2012

Confessions of a busy person

Okay I know I keep banging on how busy I am. Why doesn't she just stop I here you say. I'm sitting here writing aren't I? A little time out for myself. It is revolting outside. High speed winds, rain and a chilling 19 degrees C. I'm teaching a back to back double this arvo. Might be busy as it's definitely not beach weather.

I'm feeling well rested this weekend. I had a lovely chilled day off yesterday which involved a trip to the North Perth studio for a change of scenery and a good ass whopping from Joe. I needed it, my practice has suffered a lot of late, three a week is too little for me. With the crazy planetary activity going on I have literally had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I grind and scowl through Half Moon, by Eagle the pain in my shoulder blades is horrific. Good pain though, after all Eagle does 'open up' the shoulders. Yesterday was hard. I needed the corrections I was given so bad I was very grateful. 

It was nice to share my practice with my fellow TT buddy Kana too. Her mad giggling fit in Camel was awesome, set me off. I don't recommend laughing whilst upside down, it's kind of hard to breathe but at least it relaxed my face! Good fun, followed by a quick sushi lunch before we all headed off for our own afternoon activities.

As usual due to my insane schedule my house work has suffered. This week I shall share what a state my bathroom is in. Back in the days of OCD Kat this was scrubbed within an inch of it's life every week without fail. Living on a farm dust and sand get everywhere very quickly so it is hard to keep o top of it. Now it's more like two weeks, gross I know. It's just not right the room where you get yourself clean be allowed to get dirty? Here is it.... I have cleaned it since these photos it's shiny and the grout on the tiles had at least 20 minutes of personal attention! 


Dirt, dust, hair on the floor
Grimy sink

The Man's clothes pile

The final picture is the bane of my life. The Man does not put his clothes away, never has, probably never will. His father is the same. When we upgraded the bed to Super King Size there is no longer enough room down his side of the bed to keep this pile. It did get put away but there is just not enough storage space for all his crap. He's a hoarder, he has so many clothes, 100's of t shirt he can never possibly wear, one for each day of the year. But he will not throw anything out. I've tried, I've snook a lot of stuff out to the charity bins but that is soon replaced. All the clothes he wears and washes weekly live in this pile. It's just easier to access apparently. 

Anyway the pile moved to the foot of the bed to the point I could not get in my drawers and I had to climb over it to get out the room. Not good. So I bulldozered it to the lounge and onto the day bed. Here it is and here it has stayed. Clothes come off the line or the drier and onto here. I will not and have not the time to re house this mess into drawers that are full anyway. 

Lucky we do not have people over as it's a disgrace. They wouldn't have any where to sit anyway!! I can not be arsed with it, not my mess, I have more respect for my clothes than to treat them like this. I can lay on my sofa with my back to it all!!

There we go people. The life of a busy person who yes, needs a cleaner!


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