Sunday, June 17, 2012

Soul Message from Elizabeth Peru

I've not introduced you properly to 'soul mentor' Elizabeth Peru in full. I will, soon. After my last post I have been left feeling bad and in a fix. It's done, I realise my bad and I must move on. Elizabeth posts daily 'Soul Messages' on her Facebook page. Here is todays:

"SOUL MESSAGE NEXT 24 HOURS: PUTTING LOVE INTO OLD HURTS - Opening the HEART & letting unconditional love flow out & through YOU. You may feel like hugging people, yourself, teddy's & trees. Go on, it's good for you & have a CRY too if you need! You may also feel that no one understands your true loving intentions. Use these feelings to take you to a place of surrender to the past. You are what you choose to be NOW. If you want love, you must FIRST love YOU. It's a HEALING DAY xx" Elizabeth Peru Copyright © Deltawaves 2012 (Please SHARE in full with credit given, thanks)"
 How very true to how I'm feeling today. I have true loving intentions! (Sorry Mark I wrote you an essay length comment reply before reading this, it's in the planets today that I'm feeling defensive & emotional!) As for crying well we all know I'm having a blockage there. More on that in another post! 

Please check out Elizabeth's webpage and 'like' her FB if you'd like to learn more.

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  1. I do not, and never would, doubt your intentions. I'm very certain you would not set out to intentionally hurt anyone. The term "mean" was a poor one on my part. I was writing as though I were that student, and I'd be hacked off if it were me. Shows you how well I deal with detachment.

    "It's hard. I feel like I'm failing in my job if I don't help nurture students to their full potential." -- I do understand that. When I was practicing regularly (miss those days), I'm sure I heard every single instructor talk about how we as students needed to push ourselves farther. Whether it was a pep talk to the entire class before Pranayama, or by calling corrections to an individual ("... come on Mark, lock that knee!"), they were trying to get us to be the best we could be. You are correct in saying that it would be mean to sit back and do nothing. You undertook training to teach us how to break loose of the things that hold us back and help us be not just great yogis or yoginis, but become better humans -- in AND out of the room. Never stop striving for that goal. I always look forward to reading your blog!! Thanks for making me think.