Monday, June 18, 2012

Congratulations Teachers!

Can you believe another BYTT has just come to an end? Well it did on Saturday. 400+ new teachers received their certificates - licenses to kill!! My dear friend Bahar graduated along side the three Bikram Yoga Perth students - Mia, Jason & Helen. 

Big extra congrats to Jason who won the DIALOGUE PRIZE!!!! How exciting. This is a very prestigious award that goes to the person who has the best dialogue out of all the trainees. His mentors Jen & Adam will be most proud I'm sure. I'm stoked the prize is not only coming home to Australia but to Perth!!! We rock don't we us Perth teachers tee hee heee?!! It's a well deserved prize for working hard, doing your homework & generally being a nice all round person to boot. It's great publicity for WA Bikram Yoga too - hopefully some senior teachers might feel a pull to our coasts to see what a buzz Bikram is having here. 

These four new teachers will be coming home to Perth very soon. I am very looking forward to taking your classes. I love a good dialogue class I do!

All the best to everyone in the Spring 12 class, your journey is only just starting, go fourth, teach & most importantly have fun!!

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