Friday, June 22, 2012

Update on the final post

Apologies all round if I alarmed some people yesterday. Mainly those who actually know me! I AM FINE & NOT ON MY WAY TO THE MENTAL WARD! My creative energies were on overload and I may have come across as an insane nut case but it's all good. I am in a fine & dandy happy place. Again things can be blown out of proportions easier in words. Venting!

Wednesday/Thursday was the Solstice so all sorts of manic emotions and energies were flying around top speed. The Solstice's main energy is balancing but for someone who is unbalanced it can send them in a spin. It effected me greater than ever because I was receiving my personal Soul Mentoring from Elizabeth Peru. It was explained (after my blog rant) I could be feeling between dimensions. Boy was I!!!! Tanty dummy spits galore. One bad comment & I ran for the hills throwing my toys out the pram as I went.

I still stand by my decision to stop writing in here. I found out a lot yesterday about myself that I knew deep down but didn't realize how much it impacted and how important certain elements are in my life plan. My mentoring report is very personal & resonated a lot to me but I won't share the nitty gritty here obviously! But here's a sprinkle.

Creativity is my life, I am a change maker & shaker, for me things will never stay the same for long. I am told I love the public arena and shine in it...oh that's why my soul is drawn to bearing itself to the world in here? My strong points are "I am very good at seeing the potential in others and help them be aware of ways to achieve their goals." (That is why I am a teacher, ego & Soul got a little mixed up yesterday!!!) However with my crippling self doubt I have difficulties applying this to my own life. All makes sense to me. Yesterday I doubted myself so much as a writer & a teacher I was making crazy decisions without listening to my Self, MY inner voice, it was my strong mind running free, shouting so loud I literally could not hear ME.

Knowing this year is the year to change this is why blogging has come to an end for now. I'll leave the door open. I won't delete this as somewhere out there someone might find a useful nugget in here. I've worked hard to get my blog out there & it's interesting to see all the parts of the world I'm reaching out to so it would be a shame to hit the button & end it's life. 

I was mad yesterday, upset by someone I don't even know, someone who didn't even have a profile or a name. Well done my friend you stole my peace but I'm snatching it right back off you with both hands. I didn't want to leave on a sour note so I will continue to write, privately for now, maybe I'll get that book started I've been planning? Or you never know I may pop back up under a different guise....


  1. I have always enjoyed reading this blog. Although I will miss reading what's on your mind, I understand why you are stepping away. I really appreciate all the insights on becoming an instructor. Take care!

  2. Hi Mark, thanks again for reading! It's funny actually a week on with time to reflect I realise I was being hasty. I might be coming out of retirement and back into the public arena soon. My heart is crying out for it. Just not 'over sharing' so much! Namaste.