Friday, April 20, 2012

She's gone bonkers!

This is what the students in my 7pm Tuesday class were probably thinking. I was wired. My brain was chock full with inspiring ideas from the past weekends workshop that I was desperate to put into practice. The shear look of terror that swept through the studio when I asked "who attended Craig's workshop on Saturday, oh only two of you, hahahaha, Awkward pose." Those who did not attend were probably thinking - 'what went down in Awkward pose?' 

I shouldn't have joked about this posture as I struggled so, so badly with it. It seems unfair to torture the students in a pose I find challenging with myself. You should never ask people to do anything your not willing to do yourself. In fairness I am willing, I always get straight into it, I might fall out but I try. I'll let you in on something. Craig gave me some advice on teaching this posture (he's notorious for holding it a very long time) which I did put into my class on Tuesday. You know what, everyone was FANTASTIC. Probably as they didn't think I was doing or saying anything different, I still said it verbatim but I did do as I was advised & it worked. Beautiful postures!

My energy was super high and so was the class group energy. The five newbies did great. I connected with them, helped them a little (indirectly without making a big deal or calling their names) and smiled at them a lot (without being creepy) when they stared at me for reassurance. I have no idea where this burst of energy came from, passion & enthusiasm perhaps?

Everyone tried so hard. Small adjustments I talked about in savasana made such a difference, they were listening to me (!!!) & it showed it their postures. The room could have flown off into  the sunset in Full Locust after I explained about stretching their arms to the side walls first, tighter means lighter! I do believe I said "we love this yoga" a few too many times. (people stopped laughing after the 2nd time)

I really enjoyed the nutty roller coaster I was on, maybe I'll keep riding it for a while longer. It sure did make a job I love even easier. Might need to find some new jokes, can't keep saying "third set of Camel!" every class.

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