Friday, April 20, 2012

No hiding now

This morning was quite exciting I picked up my birthday present from my dear Man. Here's what I received....

No hiding now, here I come!

My first ever personalised number plates for my car. I've always thought PP's were a bit cheesy and I didn't like the idea of people knowing that's me driving (badly!). But what the heck, I got some anyway. We are lucky here in WA you can pretty much pick whatever you like, as long as it's not offensive. Unlike the UK where the format is different & you can't just make one up like this. I selected black instead of the array of bright, shiny colours, as these are for life and black will go with any colour car pretty much. My insurance company rep asked if I was a yoga teacher when I called to update my file. I joked with her that now the students will know I'm teaching & keep driving!!

I did my Karma Yoga for the day too. I donated my car park ticket to another driver as I was leaving. I only had a $2 coin on me so that paid for 2 and a half hours when I only used 45 minutes (yes I was at the licensing centre 15 mins before it opened but so were 30 other people = long lines). The bloke was stoked and thanked me greatly, he too said he passes on tickets that still have time on. Good citizens at work!

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