Sunday, April 22, 2012

Difficult to stay awake...

Spring Teacher Training is under way. Week 1 done. The trainees will be waking up for their first full day off today. I've heard from my friend who is loving the experience so far despite the excruciating heat. There is a record 500+ trainees this session. I can not imagine how intimate the yoga room is!

I had my TT lecture note book out last weekend. I've decided this book will not only be my TT notebook but my teacher's notebook. Any further education I take from now on will go in there. Whilst we were waiting for the Q& A with Craig to get under way I flicked through my pages. I came across this page which I remember well. I actually fell asleep in a lecture whilst writing a note. 

Falling asleep whilst writing

 I am so ashamed, I won't say who was speaking but they are great. There I was eagerly taking notes until the sleep deprivation kicked in. I fell asleep mid word!!! As you can see the notes I'd written don't make sense, my hand writing is awful. Oh the joys of teacher training...the memories, how I do not miss the gawd awful lecture room chairs and the freezing air con. 


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