Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter

To celebrate the lovely long weekend ahead Bikram Yoga Leicester have enforced some new rules....

Might seem a bit harsh to some but actually it's not that difficult to avoid all the above if you let go of the thought it will be too hard. Mind over matter! All proceeds to charity of course. 

I'm not a drinker so I know it's easy not to drink once you get in the mind set. However I always talk my bottle in, just in case. Apart from a few weeks back I actually forgot my water & challenged myself to not take any in at all. I was freaked out a little with 'what happens if I do need a sip' thoughts. I did it, was just like any class but I think it's easier not to stress about water & not drink when you do have some on standby. Must try it again soon, practice detachment.

So watch out my students tonight I think I will follow suit on this one...especially those naughty cows who refuse to STOP TALKING IN CLASS!! Respect your fellow students and SHUT UP!! 99% of people come to yoga for a 90 minute silent escape, they don't want to hear you snickering or chatting. Plus it's me that bares the wrath with many complaints afterward. Hmmm might have to go all school teacher and say "if you talk, you will be asked to leave." Sometimes rules just have to be enforced a little firmer than usual to get the point through. Or perhaps $10 in the Youth Focus charity tin for talking which does NOT buy you the right to keep talking however ;-)

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