Sunday, April 1, 2012


I've mentioned so many times in this blog that I am a sugar whore. I love it. Sarah Wilson's book stares at me every day. Big Fail here. I've been on week one of the 8 week program for about....8 weeks now. Excuse after excuse. Birthday last week = cake, Easter next week = eggs a million. Maybe after Easter I will give it a proper go...really..I will.

In the mean time I found a slightly better alternative to the supermarket sugar laden crap. Loving Earth chocolate. Made right here in Australia. "It contains no cane sugar or dairy and is suitable for vegans, it is essentially uncooked, unprocessed chocolate in its pure rich essential form sweetened with agave syrup (a natural low GI sweetener)" Kat Eden recommended it here. Usually specialist products made in Melbourne are hard to come by in WA but I sourced a shop in North Beach Road (down the rd from Karringyup Mall), Absolutely Organic that stocks it. (as well as other fantastic organic products & Yogi tea!) Don't be put off by the exterior of the shop, it's shabby, it looks like it isn't actually open but it is...just go through the plastic door. 

I selected the Crunchy Mint dark chocolate and the Coconut Mylk chocolate. Unfortunately I had great expectations for the latter so bought a big block. Don't get me wrong it was nice but not as creamy as normal sugary chocolate. Of course it wouldn't be would it. Had a slight funny after taste too but I only had two squares, maybe I need to have some more to get a 'taste' for it. However the crunchy mint is DIVINE! Amazing. Only need two small squares to get your hit. Shame I only bought the small bar. Added bonus it has quite nice packaging too.

A move in the right direction I think, small, small steps to get me off the white stuff.  

Loving Earth, lovely chocolate

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