Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring trainees Bon Voyage!

Time is flying by, this time next week 400+ (Maybe more, maybe less) eager Bikram Yoga teacher trainees will be excitingly sitting on their mats ready to start their first class of teacher training. It's been over six months now since I took that first class at TT. Half a year already?! I look back with fond memories of my experience. I loved it :-) I know I had some anger, hurt and resentment when I came home but that was totally personal, not professional. I was lucky to have not hated on the actual yoga. Those wounds have healed, I have let go & moved on. All in all I relished the experience to do yoga for nine whole weeks and be close (sort of, well in the same room at least) to Bikram himself.

This time round no one is attending from my home studio BYJ. Happy though we have Bahar going from BYSB. I worked a little with her early on with dialogue. I wish my schedule had allowed me more time but it was not to be. Another student arranged a lovely surprise send off last weekend for Bah so we all got chance to say goodbye and dish out our words of advice. 

I'd put together a small gift for her, something useful to take along to LA. A couple of notebooks with matching pens. It's nice to have cute stationery and the notes you take are for life. A reference point. Even if you don't understand what you are writing at the time, someday down the line they will make sense. I also gave her a book of inspirational quotes.There will be times all trainees feel homesick and down, when I saw the book I knew it would be perfect. Open it up and see what the universe presents in it pages. Some wise words of wisdom to get you through. 

Bon Voyage to my lovely friend, come back a flower petal in full bloom! Good luck to the North Perth students Helen, Jason & Maja who are also attending. I've heard they are so, so ready for it. (Mock classes completed already!) Even though we have not met I wish you well on your journeys and look forward to taking your classes on return.

See you all on the other side.....

Gotta have nice stationery!

Inspiration in one handy book!

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