Sunday, April 22, 2012

Transformation Wrap

My washing machine is seriously in my bad books. It went through a stage of trashing my clothes, only my clothes mind & usually the one's I really like. They'd come out stained or patchy with marks that were not there before they went it. It's latest trick is fabric softener stains. My clothes are coming out tie died. The fabric softener pouch was cleaned out, as was the machine. I stopped using fabric softener all together & it still did it. Mystery. 

Anyway the point to this story is that my favourite, trusty black cotton long wrap got trashed. I scrubbed, sprayed, soaked and re washed but alas it can not longer be worn outside the house. The grey/white stains look dodgy. It survived 9 weeks of teacher training but died at the hands of my crappy washing machine!!! (which isn't actually all that crappy it's a good brand).

Good excuse to find a replacement. Here it is. The Lululemon Transformation Wrap.

This is an investment item as it was a lot more than the Cotton On wrap it replaced. My R & D discount eased the pain and I'm still holding on to the fact anything from Lulu will be tax deductible through my teaching job. It is so worth it. Lovely soft Marino wool, three ways to wear it and it's reversible! It also sports my favourite thumbs holes too. Very cosy & perfect for this trans seasonal weather, too hot for a jacket but a little chilly in the mornings for just a single layer. After reading other reviews, I will take great caution to wash this, hand wash & lie flat to dry. It will not fall foul of my machine!


  1. Hey - Thanks for sharing - I absolutely love Lulu's stuff. Just got my new favorite pants this weekend. I wanted to chime in because I had similar stain problems like you're describing and I realized it was fabric softener stains. This article saved my butt (literally) - - I thought I would let you know since it could be the same problem.


    CarbonPig ;-)

  2. Awesome thank you so much! I have switched to liquid eco friendly laundry powder and no weird stains. Thanks for sharing :-)