Friday, April 20, 2012


I'm a bit slow on the up take of this but I recently discovered Numerology. It's not very 'living in the moment' to have an insight of what is in store for you for the year but it is nice to have some guidance. Obviously I had no idea about this till now so when I looked back on what my lasts year's personal year, which was 4, I was presently surprised. Here is a summary:

  • It is a practical year of seeings things through
  • A cycle of being organised, starting a budget, build homes and set goals in order to set solid foundations for my future.
  • I will be more cautious & doubtful
  • A hard working year overloaded with responsibilities you can not escape.
  • The theme is work
  • I'll be busy but with a sense of achievement
Wow, rings true to what happened with me. I had to budget BIG for TT. I worked so, so hard at studying, my practice (60 Day killer Challenge), my home life & day work. I was busy, very. I built foundations for sure. I achieved so much!!

This year is Year 5.
  • Theme is changes
  • I will receive some surprises that will enable me to break free of unwanted burdens.
  • Travel, exercise, extra curricular activities are in my favor.
  •  Mentally & physically very alert
  • My sex appeal will be at its peak. (oww laa laa!)
  • I will learn to get out of my daily routine and have the mind of an adventurer, explore new places, ideas and meet interesting people.
  • The last two months of the year I must be positive, looking within to see patterns that are blocking me to release negative energy to stay balanced.
  • Avoid over indulging in food and drink.
How exciting is that? Before I even read this I was planning an adventure, for December no less. The last point I have a whole new post of that. Had a weird shift in energy regarding food & drink. This year seems very me. I get bogged down so easily in the daily grind, I get resentful. That is why I did what I did last year, keep things interesting. I'm always looking for somewhere exciting and new to go, I love to travel. I wasn't planning on any international trips this year but the end of the year might be fun!  So much liking that travel, exercise and extra curricular activities are high on the agenda. Let's see where Year 5 takes me....


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