Friday, May 4, 2012

Homemade Organic Cream Cheese

When a naturopath advised me to stop eating Philadelphia cream cheese I was quite sad. What was I going to slather on my bagels as a base for smoked salmon? I quit the overly processed 'cheese' for a while but got back on it again when the substitute of choice, avocado, got pricey.

About a month ago Sarah Wilson posted this recipe on her blog, 'how to make your own gut friendly cream cheese.' Genius! Off I went to Spotlight to purchase a few metres of cheese cloth. I did find an organic Greek yoghurt in Woolworths but I'm doubting it was the best one to use but hey ho. 

The result, really nice, fluffy, tasty cream cheese. It kept in the fridge well over two weeks. It didn't last any longer as I ate it all. At first it did still have the 'yoghurty' flavour which a few chopped chives or some garlic might balance out. Overall I was happy with the result. The process was really simple. Wrap it up, let it drip for a day and away you go. 

Dripping the curds (a) whey!

Tadah! Cream cheese.

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