Friday, May 4, 2012

Stepping it up

It's been a great few weeks in my Bikram world. I'm so in love with teaching. At last I feel like me, not some person impersonating a Bikram teacher. I am far, far, far from what I'd call a proper teacher, if there is such a thing. I'm still very much a rookie and will be for I don't know how long. There is so much to learn, I doubt one will ever stop learning in this job. Just like practice it's a life long learning curve.

I feel a lot more comfortable now and think I have carved myself a style, for now, anyway. No doubt it will evolve and change over time. I'm relaxing my voice slightly. (posh teaching voice aye H!) I'm still aware I need to speak clearly and rein back my regional accent so the students can understand me. Can't go dropping my 'h's' & using northern slang terms willy nilly ;-)

I've picked up extra classes this past month, gratitude to my colleagues that let me cover without an exchange. May is busy for me. I'm regularly teaching four classes a week, upping to five by the end of the month. Very exciting. Will mean I'll be squeezing in my practice when I can & pulling some crazy hours to get myself on my mat. Good job I'm off to Bali next week for some R & R time first. (shouldn't worry really yoga gives you energy!)

I've had some great feedback classes with my mentors and peers. They've commented it's me up there teaching now, my personality is eking through. Occasionally a joke slips out or some light airy conversation around party time. I need new jokes. "Third set of Camel!" is wearing thin. I will never stop asking "are we all having fun?!" Yoga is FUN!! One class the other week I swear I said "we love this yoga don't we," a few times too many.

Time to step things up. Like with my last post, I received new home work last week. I dived in head first and thanks to a very useful resource (gratitude to Ocean!) I'm stepping up my game plan. I won't say what I have been set, sorry, think it falls into that secret squirrel teachers only category. You'll just have to come take a class with me & find out....


  1. What a busy lady you have been/ will be! Always enjoy catching up with you through your writing. I must try the homemade cream cheese... seen the recipe in several places but have yet to make it. Don't think I could give up sugar completely. Still working at not smoking (5 months now but some days it is really a test not to bum a cigarette from someone...) I know your teaching style will do nothing but improve... the devotion you have comes through in your writing. Enjoy Bali!!


  2. Thanks for your kind words Mark! Great work with the not smoking. Remember you can always bust out some pranayama breathing in the bathroom after a steamy shower, that will help strengthen your lungs if you can't get in the hot room :-)

  3. Ha ha ha! Get thi sen some Yorkshire in there lass!
    Have a fab time in Bali my sweet and RELAX!!!!! Don't burn out baby, yoga or no yoga you aint superhuman - try to remember this yoga nut!!

    Peace man - namaste ha ha ha!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. aye lass will do! Bali, Bali, Bali yay. Open mind about my 17 travel/villa companions. I shall try my best to chill by the pool with some cocktails & recharge my batteries.

    Namaste my top biatche xxx