Sunday, April 10, 2011

Watch out!

The in-laws, or the out-laws as I call them as we're not married, have just returned from New Zealand and came bearing gifts. I received probably the most useful present anyone could give me right now, a watch. I have a couple of nice watches but this one, from the point of view of a future Bikram instructor, ticks all the boxes. It's a rather cool Swatch with a big, clear face, numbers and a second's hand. I say numbers as I have a one watch that doesn't have any, looks funky but a little hard to tell the time. My usual daily watch is a digital with a seconds feature also. I am undecided yet which type of watch would be best suited to timing a class. I think it will come down to personal preference but at least I have both types now to try out. I like the accuracy of a digital but I also like the idea of the analogue and being able to see the whole clock face. I'm more a visual person so may find it easier to read, it also might be easier to see if I'm running over!


  1. The SWATCH!! Yes, that is the way to go. I have one just like that, but in red, and I have NEVER taught a class without it. The clock face is MUCH easier to read at a quick glance, and it's plenty accurate. Your out-laws are super thoughtful. :)

  2. Yay go the Swatch team! Cool thanks for the advice on the clock face. Often when I glance at a digi I don't actually take in the numbers & end up looking again.

    So thoughtful, even more so as they had no idea a watch would play a huge part in my next adventure!