Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flat out like a lizard drinking!

This has been one crazy, mad, bonkers week. It started last Sunday with a hangover from hell. As mentioned before I gave up the grapes for two months whilst on the 30 Day Challenge. I then only had the odd glass of vino on a Saturday since. I attended a lovely wedding out in the Chittering Valley last Saturday where all the drinks were laid on. Will power and mind control out the window. I drank a stupid, stupid amount of sparkling wine, enjoyed every minute of it but hated how I felt the next day. Toxic didn't even come close.

After nearly a year of cleansing my body and mind, inside and out this weekend binge hit me like never before. I have come to understand my body can not handle this. I've been looking after it and putting in through a strict Bikram routine so now it does not bode well to being poisoned.

I didn't practice Sunday, obviously, I was so dehydrated I was soaking water up like a sponge. Monday morning's class was fine. There was about 7 students so the room wasn't too humid. Wooow did I sweat though. Bucket loads than I usually would in those conditions. I was sore from wildly flinging myself round the dance floor in heels. My poor toes were squished and bruised. My arms ached. I didn't sleep well Sunday night as my toxicity levels were way up still. I made in through, nothing horrific.

The whole week at work was crazy busy. My colleagues and clients were having melt downs around me. I was knackered and grumpy from my hangover. This lasted all week. It felt like I couldn't make myself well again. I didn't help myself by not taking a lunch break as I had so much work on. I ate at my desk and didn't hydrate well enough. Reaching for the sugar was a natural reaction to the stress. Fruit or vegetables didn't interest me, I wanted carbs and sugar. 

Tuesday mornings practice went well again. I was still tired. Then came mental Thursday. A huge project I was working left little time for my minor jobs so I headed into work at 7am, missing my 5:45am practice. Gutted. But I knew work had to come first that day. After pulling an 11 hour work day, no lunch break, no fresh air/sun, only two litres of water, I headed to the studio for the 7:30pm. I was pumped up on sugar and adrenalin. There was lots of people to talk to so my mood was high. I went front row next to Janette and Karen was teaching.

Five days worth of toxins and abuse came flooding out in that class. I was a mess. The  moment I stood up on my toes for Awkward part two I got cramp in my toes and calves. I couldn't shift it. Cramp's all the way through. I literally collapsed out of the second set of Triangle. Never, ever have I sat out of this pose. I think I scared a few people. Karen even said after class I was really pale. Luckily she wacked the air con on at that point which rescued me. I pushed on, sat out of the first Camel. Setting up took a long time and my mind lost the plot whilst we were waiting.

I could barely talk after class. I managed to drag myself through a shower. I had my electrolyte capsules but felt like I needed something more. Janette rescued me with a Nuun which I happily drank on my 25 minute drive home. I was well shaky. 

Good wake up call though. It amazed me how one big, boozy night can knock me for six for an entire week! Also it was good to have a rough class. The yoga bus ran me down and gave me a reality check. It's too easy to go into cruise control, a little shake up now and again keeps it real.

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