Thursday, April 21, 2011

Calm after the storm

After a really ferocious storm comes a sort of soft, relaxed, calmness where the earth seems to sigh, the rain stops and the winds die down. Everything is still again. That's what I am feeling right now. After last week's bonkers craziness my storm cleared  today, my job bag box is empty, my client that kept me so busy is super pleased and I gratefully received some lovely thank you's. It's kinda cool, especially as there is 50 minutes of my working day left before my five day public holiday break.

I practiced at 5:45am with six other regulars. It's so nice to share a morning class with people whom you know all of their names and chat to often. There was a newbie amongst us though, a new visiting instructor. Juliette is over from France for a while to teach at BYJ and BYSB. I do like a new guest instructor and this one has a super cool accent. There is something so relaxing and romantic and the French accent. It certainly made me tune in. Same dialogue but in a different voice. I really had to concentrate hard. I missed a few cues but so did everyone else. 

The class rolled along nicely. I got a few "very lovely's" which is such a new cute phrase. I pulled off a strong Toe Stand on both sides today. I'd been backing off from lifting up because of the on off weird thigh/knee muscle ache. But today I just went for it. We finished spot on time and I even made it onto an earlier train. Probably because I was the only one showering today so I wasn't chit chatting instead of getting ready.

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