Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

With Easter just around the corner I decided that there is no way I am going to kick my sugar habit this week. I have set my intention to enjoy the next five days filled with sugary, fatty goodness and then try very, very hard to get off it. Not cold turkey, just not everyday. I shall be choosing good quality, organic 70% plus cocoa dark chocolate for my fixes. Well that's the plan. 

Tuesday saw 8kg of chocolate arrive in my office from the Swan Valley branch of the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. We are running a promotion for our clients and gifting them with sweet little boxes of chocolates for Easter. It was hard for me not to fall face first into the crate but it was heavily being policed by my colleague who was getting really cranky with my drooling, constant yum yum noises and "can I eat a piece yet please?" pleads. I didn't eat one bit. Until I was bragging to my boss I'd not eaten any and he instantly gave me a square of the divine Red Gum honey crunch. (Bit like Cadburys Crunchie) Alas that was all I was getting as every single bit was used up in the boxes. 

Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy your long weekend. Us Aussies are getting five whole days off as we have the extra Anzac day holiday on Tuesday. I'm planning on doing lots of yoga to sweat out the chocolate fest and have some quality, relaxing time at home!

8kg of Margaret River Chocolate Factory goodness

Packed up boxes filled with lushness


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