Saturday, April 2, 2011

A great week!

This week has been awesome. I have no idea what has shifted, maybe it's being a year older?! I do know one thing, all the hints and tips from the seminar have really helped. I definitely had hit a plateau after the 30 day challenge, I wasn't going anywhere, major road block mentally and physically. The seminar revived me and has shifted my focus to other areas of my practice. Instead of being hung up on what I'm struggling with I am trying hard to concentrate on what I learnt last week.

What has amazed me this week is Cobra pose. I did used to hang out lower than I could go because my elbow joints hurt when I went higher and it was hard to keep my breath right. Putting the 'look where you want to go' theory into action I'm literally flying up to where I should be without the discomfort. By looking up to the ceiling and actually moving my head and neck up my spine is bending correctly and I no longer need my arms as much. Maybe that's why they were hurting because I was using them to push up instead of using my spine strength.

I practiced five times this week. Mainly 5:45am. The classes have been tiny, like 6 or 8 people. The mornings are cooling off and it doesn't get light till after 6am now, this might be putting people off getting up. When it's cold I think coming to practice is perfect, it warms you up! As the classes have been small the humidity hasn't been up where it should. I'm using this to try really hard and stretch that bit further because I'm not fighting my mind and thinking about the heat. 

Thursday morning I did go a little bit too hard. I even thought I might have twanged a hamstring as I had a dull pain all the way down the back of my left leg all day. It would have been easy to skip Friday morning and rest up but I still went with the idea of stretching it out. It worked! I had a great class with a new visiting instructor Maya. I enjoyed her class, she had a cool European accent and it was a mix of firm and encouraging in a nice way. 

Saturday morning 9:30am with Meagan rocked. I've not had a class like that in a long while. I felt strong, balanced, focused and I pushed hard. All the twangs and aches had gone. It was great. My head even skimmed the floor in the second set of Standing Separate Leg stretching. There was a small, circle of sweat right where it should be on my towel. My arms however were no where near my shins. I really enjoyed myself today, this is why I do this, it makes me feel good.


  1. Im sooo jealous you managed to touch your forehead to the floor, I am miles away from that!

  2. It doesn't happen often but when it does it's great. It's still not right though as my arms are still not back with my shins & I'm holding the outsides of my feet not heels. But hey small steps, one day it will all come together!!