Monday, April 25, 2011


Lovely energy in the 9am Easter Monday/Anzac Day class lead by Kira. It's ages since I took a class with Kira as she usually teaches at BYJ in the week day mornings. It's coming up to her first anniversary as an instructor too which is exciting. Nice full room, not quite the 41 we had on Friday but enough to get the sweat and humidity dripping nicely. 

I received some handy corrections, mainly for alignment issues. Those pesky hips rotating around in Half Moon. There was a major heavy breather in my vicinity today. It's great for pranayama to 'make some noise' but it does get distracting if there is deep, strained grunting in your ear all the way through the standing series. 

The best and memorable part of today's class of in the second set of Triangle. It was one of our regulars Colin's birthday. Good on him for coming to class. So Kira told us for the left hand side we were all to sing happy birthday once we were in the pose. I wasn't sure if she was kidding, but no, off she launched and we all followed suit. It was hilarious and totally took my mind off what I was doing. No inner dialogue screaming for air or change. I just focused on singing and staying in position. We nearly had to sing again and do a third set of Full Locust if anyone came out early or crashed landed. We held it good, right till the end...phew.

Lot's of fun today and class took away the black cloud I had lurking due to some technology issues that occurred yesterday. I love this yoga, so healing and puts everything into focus again if the mind has strayed.

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