Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sugar demons

I will put my hand up now & confess I am a sugar addict, like probably 98% of the world. I did actually manage to give up chocolate and cakes for six whole weeks last year. I gave up alcohol for two months this year. Deep down I know my insides, my teeth and my thighs are silently suffering because I have no will power. How can I have will power when things like this exist.....

Pure yum in a pretty parcel!

Isn't that the world's cutest cup cake? So pretty I felt bad eating such a work of art. It was worth it! The divine strawberry sponge with thick, thick, thick vanilla cream and sugar rose melted in my mouth. All topped of with glittery stuff.

I am taking a rest day from yoga so I best work at 110% tomorrow morning to burn this baby off. I do try to keep to the 80% good nutrition, 20% naughty rule. I strongly believe you need little treats now and again and what better than this lush little monster!

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