Saturday, April 9, 2011

5 classes, 5 instructors

I wasn't sure if I had anything worth sharing this week. Then again it's not often I'm lost for words! With some careful note taking I realised I did have something to say this week. Hopefully everyone out there isn't too bored with my constant analysis of my Bikram practice? Suppose if you are you stopped reading a long time ago!!!! If anyone is reading at all.....hahaha!

After last weeks strong classes I was feeling very positive. I do believe in the theory if you think about something hard enough you'll make it happen. Saturday probably was my strongest class this year. I felt awesome. I took Sunday off to have a rest and was back in Monday for the 5:45am.

We had Jo taking Monday's class which was cool as I don't get to take her classes very often. The morning classes, as I've mentioned before, are thinning out. I'm fine with this but I do miss the energy you get from a packed class. The humidity can't get as high either. My just above the knee ache seemed to have vanished and I managed to bang out two fare sets of Awkward. An improvement on the past few weeks. It was announced in class again that I was going to Fall Training. It didn't sound so weird this time & I felt good about the news spreading. Some of the morning crew hadn't heard yet but I received positive feedback and encouragement. So many students say how they'd love to go too but certain commitments hold them back. I say just do it, the rest will work itself out. I haven't got all the practicalities sorted fully yet but I'll wing it one way or another.  

Tuesday 5:45am was a real treat. We had senior instructor Lisa who's been with the studio for a while but I was yet to take her class. I had a great class. I was really tuned in and I was given some excellent corrections. Mainly in Standing Separate Leg head to knee. In most classes I can lock my knee out, more on the right side, but I still bend my knee in the set up to reach my forehead. It's just habit now. However I start to bend my knee of the front leg as soon as I round down, the dialogue doesn't say anything about bending the knee till you're down there. Lisa picked up on this and corrected me. I was a bit wobbly going down with a straight leg as I must sink my weight onto it for balance. It made me realise I could go down keeping my leg straight and I only needed to bend my me very slightly then lock it out again. 

Thursday 5:45am. Karen had returned from the advanced seminar with Bikram himself in Malta. I had the major wobbles. In Monday's class I was hyper extending my standing leg and not distributing my weight evenly. Same thing was happening again. It's so important to have a strong foundation but I really need to learn to utilize my big toe and not rock onto the side of my foot. The leg ache was back and I fell out of Awkward a lot. It's funny how it only niggles me in this pose, a pose I don't particularly like, I have a feeling I am attached to this ache now so I must let it go.

Friday 5:45am with Maya. Tiny class again but this was to our advantage as we all got lots of corrections and help. Or as Maya told me after class, when I thanked her for the help, she was pushing us. I still was wobbly but managed to push myself in standing head to knee. The result Standing Bow was all over the shop. We were given some good advice not to rush for depth in the first set, try to hold the balance. My bow has been coming along nicely so I was eager to get back into it. Rushing resulted in falling, a lot. Don't compromise form for depth! There was a slightly embarrassing moment. Maya came to straighten me up right before Cobra, I must have been laying wonky. It wasn't till fixed firm I noticed my feet were in a rather shocking scaly state. Channeling Hobbit style!! I'm sure instructors see some nasty feet over the years but brave sole for getting close to mine that day.

This week was a good week. It was great to have five classes with five different instructors. It keeps it interesting and you don't fall into that trap of going through the motions and zoning out when you have the same instructor every time. 

I have the whole weekend off as I have a wedding and a spray tan. I don't usually do the tan thing but for a special occasion I thought why not. Hopefully by Monday it may have settled down so I don't leave a brown pool all over my towel, clothes or studio carpet. Will spare the other students that tangy fake tan smell too!

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