Friday, March 30, 2012

Winter's coming

It was positively arctic this morning when I left my cosy house at 4:30am to teach. Decided to pull another bonkers day ie. teach the 7pm last night, get home at 10pm and teach again at 5:45am this morning, then do a days work in the office. I'm actually feeling fine now at 4pm. As long as I'm mentally prepared it works out okay.

Anyway it was a bit of a chilly start, only reached 23 Celsius all day (I know hardly cold for most). Time to pull out the leg warmers!! I got so obsessed with these in LA. They came in so handy for evening posture clinics to keep my legs warm over capris. I even started wearing them all the time, over everything. Love them!! The craze caught on, all the cool kids were wearing them by the end of November. I had an awesome pair as a child growing up in the 80's that my mum actually hand knitted for me! Oh & of course the regulation pink one's for ballet class. Secretly I always wanted to be a "Kid From Fame," slight set back I can not sing, dance or act.

Fret not, I can live out my "Fame" fantasy with the leg warmers that are back again this winter. Lululemon stocked them last winter but deep down I knew Perth was not ready for leg warmers so decided against it. After spending Autumn in LA where they were going OFF, I didn't care anymore, I was bring leg warmers home to Perth. Sadly I could not get my mitts on a pair of much loved Lulu warmers, they sold out in FOUR hours at the local shop in LA. I had to make do with staring at my friend's pair during posture clinic, she snagged in Santa Monica.

To my great pleasure an email alerted me the warmers were back in Perth. I hot footed myself over there and I was officially the first person to buy them. I know this as they weren't even on the shelves yet. I rave about this brand as unlike the other pairs I have these one's do not fall down. They are good quality and haven't pulled or gone baggy yet, yes they are worth the pricey tag. Keeping my legs toasty at the studio during sign without the hazard of wearing socks on the polished wood floors. (unless you're into skidding around like Bambi). Happy camper. 

Unfortunately for my bank balance I couldn't resist the Rest Day Pull Over either. I'd looked at it previously the other week and walked away. Must have been the happy high of the leg warmers that I bought them a friend.

It shall be winter soon enough, time to rug up and keep warm! 

Warm, toasty, polished floor safe, love 'em!

I got the black version


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