Thursday, March 22, 2012

He's coming back!

It's been so hard for me to keep this under wraps the past few weeks. Just in case it didn't happen but now it is!!! The posters have been finalized & printed, I'm gonna announce it in my class tonight at BYSB so it's a goer. I am so happy to announce here that Craig Villani will be returning to the sunny West Coast to conduct FOUR master classes.

Craig will be running an in depth two hour master class at each of the four Perth Studios. Dates are as follows:

  • Bikram Yoga Joondalup - Saturday 14th April - 9am
  • Bikram Yoga Scarborough Beach - Saturday 14th April - 3:30pm
  • Bikram Yoga North Perth - Sunday 15th April - Time TBA
  • Bikram Yoga North South Perth - Sunday 15th April - Time TBA

Sign up QUICK at your studio reception as places are very strictly limited this year as they will be taking place in the actual heated yoga rooms this time. Only a full payment of $40 will secure your spot, no money = no place. First come, best dressed. 

It's such a huge deal for us to get Bikram royalty here in WA as we are so far away from the States where all the senior/top teachers are based. We are very privileged that Craig has decided to come back a second time. I learned HEAPS from him last year so I'm very excited to be taking his class again which will be a lot more personal than last years sprawling event. Not to be missed!


  1. Ohmylord! He is amazing! He came here to Maui and did a posture clinic, and it changed my entire practice. He is so full of knowledge! I wish he was still teaching at Training, as I am headed there in 24 day!!! ;)

  2. Wow 24 days, good luck with TT, it's an awesome experience. Enjoy every day as it comes, expect last minute changes to the schedule, just roll with it. Only one chance ever to do this course so be present, be kind & considerate to others (even if you they don't return it!) learn your dialogue & HAVE FUN!!!!