Monday, March 5, 2012

Raw nori rolls

About two years ago I was gifted with the Raw Food Reawakening recipe book, can't call it a cook book as it raw food!! I was slightly put off trying anything a most of them involves dehydrating for many, many hours (we have a dehydrator so no excuse really). When I cook it's usually because I'm hungry for that food right now, if I wait 24 hours to eat it I'll probably not want it. 

It might be one of those things that at the time of receiving the book I wasn't ready for it. Now I am. Yesterday I made raw food nori rolls. So simple, so quick, so much better than using rice. Yoga people love sushi. It's one of those foods that seem really 'healthy', which it is, kind of, better than Macca's but it's chock full of white rice. Not good for the blood sugar. I love regular sushi but it kills me. Bloating, sugar rush and then an energy slump. This sushi uses cauliflower & cashews blended up instead of rice. So tasty. The texture is sticky like rice and looks like rice! Awesome.

Nori Rolls:
Raw nori sheets (I just used the regular one's as have no idea if they are raw or not!!)
Half a cauliflower
Small handful of raw cashews
1-2 Avocadoes skinned & sliced
1 cucumber cut into round slices
Small bowl of water for sticking the sheets
1 carrot cut into strips with a veg peeler.

Blend cauliflower in chunks with the cashews till grainy in texture (Thermomix speed 8 for 10 seconds). Lay nori sheet on chopping board. Cover about 0.5 cm of cauliflower mixture over all except 1 cm of outside edge facing away from you. place layers of sliced vegetable down the centre & roll. Wet outside edge to stick.

I'm so bad at rolling sushi so they split a bit but try not to over fill them. I also made some rolls with some chicken (cooked obviously!!) as I needed some protein in there. 

ta dah! Finished rolls!

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