Friday, March 23, 2012

For Future Teachers

It's just three weeks away now Spring 2012 Teacher Training. That has come around quick. Perth is being represented by four students this time. Three from North/South Perth and one from our very own Scarborough Beach. 

I would say from my observations a lot of people go to TT to change their lives. Most are stuck in a job they hate, usually a corporate one. By becoming a yoga teacher gives them an International ticket to teach the Bikram series any where in the world. It is the best job in the world. Assisting in healing broken bodies and screw loose minds. It's very rewarding.

It is also very scary the thought of giving up a solid, weekly salary with benefits & go into the unknown realm of teaching. Will I be good enough, will studios hire me, how will I make ends meet? Endless questions. Like with all jobs of passion some sacrifices have to be made. At the end of the day what you make of it is what you'll get. 

Me personally didn't want to give up my corporate job, I like what I do as a day job very much. Plus I like having my finances secure. If I hated my job then I would get out, even if it meant taking a huge pay cut. I've done it before, I can live like a povo if needs be. My teaching learning curve is probably a lot slower than most but I had a good solid dialogue foundation to start with & great mentors to show me the way. I get three regular, consistent classes to teach & have kept up my personal practice. (not as much as I'd like!) I do feel a little behind my peers who are all reaching their 100 class mark, I'm still around 50 ish, lost count! Quality not quantity hey, hahahaha!

For those who want to become full time teachers take a read of the two posts from The Dancing J. J has made teaching full time work for her and has never been happier. It goes to show you can make it work both ways. 

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