Thursday, March 15, 2012

Training Buddies Reunited

I keep banging on about how wonderful TT is for bringing me together with a HUGE international family of teachers. This week that theory was cemented for sure. My training buddy Lucy B flew over from the UK to visit Perth for a family wedding. It was touch & go whether we'd make our schedules co ordinate but we did it!! 

Lucy was offered a last minute class at BYSB at a perfect time for me to go along and practice. It was only polite I take the afternoon off work so we could have a lovely lunch and gossipy catch up at the new Wild Fig in Scarborough. Over chicken salad and very delicious desserts we chewed the fat about the past four months and what has been going on in our teaching careers. 

It was awesome. We are at the same point in our teaching, taught more than 50, less than 100 classes. We both teaching 3/4 a week so may not be as far ahead as our full time colleagues. Lucy's been on the road a lot getting as much experience teaching at different studios around the South of England. 

Her class was awesome! I've never smiled so much in the hot room. It was so Lucy. Her bubbly, bold personality shined through like a bright light. She didn't give us a inch (but lots of fresh air!) in a calm, funny and professional manner. It's such a privilege to share an experience like TT and come full circle & take a fellow graduates class. 

Such a great way to spend an afternoon. It was a perfect Perth day, by the beach, with lots of yoga related fun & a spin round Lululemon. I can't believe it had been four months since we last saw each other, felt like just yesterday. It's so true what they say, Bikram teachers are bonded for life :-)

Lucy outside BYSB before class

Ready for action at reception!

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