Friday, March 23, 2012

A breakthrough

Yoga is a life time practice. Sometimes you can't help it if you feel like you are in a rut and not progressing. I've mentioned before I've been a bit erratic with my personal practice this year. Juggling all my commitments and finding a balance. I was on a real roll the past few weeks, consistency had returned, I was practicing every other day and getting a minimum of three classes in a week. Great.

Then a slight set back last weekend made sure I could not get back to my mat for five whole days. Realistically I should have not worried about it but I did. What happened to no expectations, no disappointments hey! I fretted that my practice would be crappy, back like it was at the start of the year, no balance, no strength, no focus, nauseous. It was really hard getting up Wednesday morning but I did it. I nearly fell asleep before class laying on my mat. But I was there, I got through the door so let the show begin.

It was great. Complete opposite to what I thought it would be. Five days rest actually revived me. Awkward part 2 was probably the best I've ever done, balance was good, big toe planted and strong. SH2K felt effortless, no tight hamstrings, elbows well below calves, tight grip. Still I fell out before my forehead reached my knee. 

Then the biggest breakthrough happened in head to knee with stretching. I have no problems with getting my forehead on my knee or even my calf with a locked leg and heel off the floor. It's my super tight shoulders that hold me back from getting my elbows to touch the floor next to my calves. I have no idea what I did but I felt elbow to floor contact!!!!! It was like a weight had been lifted from  my shoulders and they had finally released! Shocked.

Okay this got me thinking. What had I done different to get further into this posture or do breakthroughs just happen unexpectedly? I should know the answer to this, which I'd say is that one day it will happen when your body is ready. I'm probably ready then. Also I've been taking good care of myself, I've had two amazing massages this month, nothing like a bit of pampering to get tired muscles awake again.

This small pep me up reignited a flame. I'm always telling my students yoga gives you energy and it's true. That is why despite teaching the 7pm last night (got home at 10pm) I was back up at 4:40am and practiced the 5:45am. Usually I am wacked by Friday and like nothing more than a lie in but not today. I craved my mat so bad I had to go. Another lovely class. I've never lost faith in this yoga at all, ever. This experience reminded me sometimes you have to spend a little time in the dark before you see the light again. The hard way is the right way, keep at it and reap the rewards.

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