Friday, June 17, 2011

On my way home

Two weeks have flown by. I've had a great time here in the UK. I've just managed to see a most of my friends. It's impossible on trips this short to get round everyone & still have a 'holiday'. I'm very grateful for all those that have made the journey up north to see me and those whose have played out on a school night to catch up. I'm a little sad I missed out on spending more time with a certain few who should have been top of the list but I didn't fit into their schedule. But I won't go into that.

I have achieved a few of my main aims for this trip. I bonded with my two year old nephew. He'll probably have forgotten who I am by the time he see's me again. I've spent some quality time with my parents, one on one. We've had some nice day trips out together. This sounds like an obvious thing to do but when I'm here I get pulled and pushed in so many directions simple days out like this get over looked. 

Practicing at two different studios was awesome. Such a learning curve for me. I learned a lot about my mental strength when I'm physically challenged and out my comfort zone. After a great class in Chiswick on Monday, Thursday's Leicester class went off the boil slightly despite being in the cooler, cheat's spot. The progress I made on Monday wasn't matched. That's the way it rolls in Bikram, every day is different. 

My bags are packed, I'm skimming the weight allowance despite having a whopping 30kg thanks to Emirates. It's all been split over two holdalls as it just wouldn't fit in one. Mainly because I'm hiking my diving kit back to sell for much needed funds. I've had to abandon the winter boots I aimed to bring back and two other pairs of shoes. These can be posted.

I'm not as ahead in my dialogue as I wanted to be. I seem to have been working on Awkward part 2 and 3 for three weeks now. I ideally wanted them down and Eagle under my belt by now. I have retained the Half Moon series and feel good I am comfortable with these. Thirteen weeks till I get on the flight to LA so I shouldn't be too stressed. If I step up my game and get two down a week I'll have the whole series down in this time. Realistically = the standing series.

We'll be welcoming back the Spring Trainees next week. Congratulations to you all, I can't wait to here all about it and where I can do my laundry, food shopping and get a decent massage! I heard today Binny made it to the demo team for graduation. So impressive. There is no way I'd make that cut, I can accept that one already!! Looking forward to seeing the footage.

I have no idea when I'll be here again. Probably for the next wedding. I'll be riding a tight budget for the next year so this will be the biggest influence. This makes me sad as it's always nice to know when I'll be returning. Maybe I'll get some classes to fill in for next time? I'm looking forward to seeing my man. Skype hasn't worked out so well coz of the time difference. I will miss the dish washer and laundry service!!

Ta tar for now, see you all on the other side of the world!

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