Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nearly normal

Five days have flown by but I've packed in lot's. Caught up with family, bonding with my two year old nephew, shopping, eating, seen three different sets of friends and been to a wedding! Of course there is the yoga.

I took the 5pm at BYL on Sunday. Rachel was teaching again. I didn't see her at sign in but was clocked pretty much immediately. I moved to the opposite side of the room right by the huge wall heating vents. Maybe I was hoping they were like BYJ's heating vents which spit out cool air at certain moments...err no. I was cooking. After under eating and drinking on Friday I over did it. I was super full from a lovely catch up breakfast with old school friends which was followed by a protein snack washed down with four litres of water. Very uncomfortable.

Jet lag was not a valid excuse today. I was pushed for slacking and reminded as I sat out of Camel it will be worse in September. I dug deep and managed half the second set. That putrid feeling was washing over me again. I sat out of the final stretching and barely twisted in final spinal. Poor effort but I was spent. I bolted straight after class which was a shame as a girl I met at BYJ last month was there & I really wanted to say hi. 

Let it go, leave it on the mat. I returned today, Tuesday for the 12:30pm. Different instructor today, Nicky who usually teaches in Manchester. Rachel was there and advised me to move my position as I was too close to the outside wall which is deemed the cool spot. (bugger!!!!!) I moved and ended up under a ceiling fan which didn't really make any difference to the heat & actually made me dizzy staring at it in savasana!

I felt so much better today. My strength had returned, my mind was calm and I pulled out a nearly normal practice. The floor postures I struggled with over the weekend were not a problem. I did both sets of Camel & felt fine. The heat wasn't on my mind & I didn't feel like I was melting. My jet lag must be passing. I slept till 8am which I think has made such a difference.

It's been good for me to be challenged and be out of my comfort zone. I have been cruising and what I've read about Spring Training we may be in for a rocky, brain boiling ride. It was never going to be easy but the more challenged and prepared I am the better.

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