Wednesday, June 15, 2011

London Calling

After a very alcohol fueled social weekend of fun it was time to get back on track. Off I went to London for a quick adventure to catch up with my uni friends and fellow Bikram blogger Mon. I timed my trains so I could duck into Bikram Yoga Chiswick for the 3pm.

It still amuses me that this studio was here all the time I lived in Chiswick, right above La Tasca, next to Sainsbury's and I never knew it existed. Looking back I probably would not have been able to afford to practice back then. Instead I had a vast collection of work out DVD's and video's.

I had a great class. I felt really strong, hydration and food was spot on. The room was fairly busy even for the middle of the afternoon. The first thing that struck me was when I matted down was the room was cold. The heating didn't come on till about ten minutes before class started. Then slowly heated up. I feel I did cheat by going next to the wall of windows but with a view of Turnham Green as we turned sideways for Standing Separate Leg Stretching it was worth it. The windows only got opened for a minute or two in triangle. Very strange not stepping over our mats and staying on them. What I've heard the room gets so packed there is no other way to organise it! However I had no clue what my Triangle looked like as I wasn't facing the mirror.

All this socialising and bombing about visiting has taken it's toll on my diet. For a self confessed chocoholic being surrounded by creamy, decent Cadbury's again has been killing me. As well as my Mum's homemade cakes. I could see in the mirror the bulge of my binges already. Even sucking in that stomach for postures there was no escaping the holiday spread!!! I have been shocked about my lack of vegetables & large intake of bread based meals this past week. Another lesson to be aware of for LA. Lack of time and eating on the run = snacks and sandwiches. I'll be back to normal next week, back on routine and back to my Thermomix!

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